Tools of the Retirement Trade: A fun tool

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Expenses. Yuck. No one likes expenses.
Expenses sound … expensive.
Most of my time is spent looking for two things. One, I want to increase their investment returns. Two, I’m looking to decrease expenses.

“Expenses sound … expensive.”
Typically, when decreasing expenses, I’m looking to lower taxes, utility payments, mortgage payments, insurance, etc. I’m looking to lower their bottom line without lowering their standard of living, but its always boring stuff. Finally, a wealth advisor has something fun to share … FUN!!!
Today, I would like to introduce all of you to Scott’s Cheap Flights ( Scott is of no relation to me but does have a stellar name. When I came across this site, I was HIGHLY skeptical. However, I have 4 kids and could greatly benefit from low cost flights. Additionally, a number of the families I work alongside asked about these kinds of services. Anyway, I took a flier on this service.
My goodness, it is awesome and, more importantly, it works.
“If you want to fly, travel, and see the world, go sign up for Scott’s Cheap Flight’s.”
If you want to fly, travel, and see the world, go sign up for Scott’s Cheap Flight’s. Pay for the premium service. You’ll get emails almost daily about good deals on flights. They’ll tell you where to book, how much time you probably have, etc.
I already saved on a flight to Vancouver! Woohoo!

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